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German Refugee Camps • Vision Collective

Vision Collective • Germany Tour • Refugee Camps

The new and exciting Vision Collective, an impressive group – founded by cellist Drake Driscoll, violinist Timmy Chooi, and violist Sarah Sung and, including its newest member Mark Chien – that strive to build meaningful relationships with and among refugees/immigrants by sharing and exchanging music between diverse communities. Vision Collective will be bringing their noble mission performing in their first tour in Germany from August 28th to September 3rd, 2019 for Nigerian, Iraqi, Georgian, Syrian, and Turkish refugee camps.

As part of their first international tour, they asked Rodríguez for an interactive arrangement that could serve the communities they will be performing for. As a result Rodríguez arranged for the collective the Puerto Rican Bomba Candela. Puerto Rican Bomba has a very strong African influence and the rhythms used are derived from the Yoruba tribes and religion – one of the biggest ethnic groups in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Bomba Candela