Here's what is being said about Iván Enrique Rodríguez ....

Iván is a pleasure to work with, as he possesses a delightful personality and professionalism that stood out among his peers. I am grateful to have been part of his career journey and look forward of hearing of his future success.
— William Rivera-Ortiz, Director of Choral Activities, Conductor of Puerto Rico National Choir
Iván’s composing and conducting technique, musicality, eloquence, sensibility, meticulousness, perfectionism, and attention to detail overpass any amount of years of experience. His energy at the podium is extremely contagious, [and] his finesse also makes him an excellent and balanced conductor and composer. His extended musical knowledge is a wonder due to his young age and his remarkable use of it on the podium is astonishing.
— Ana Rosa Santiago, Senior Director US Latin & Latin America Membership Group ASCAP
Thank you for taking the time to send us ‘El Abrigo Negro’ for our consideration .... We like how you strike a great balance between audience accessible harmony and melody and a good sense of structure, and yet also an exploration of what I’d reluctantly describe as ‘modern.’ Its the best of both worlds!
— Amatis Trio
Sólo dos luces alumbraban el escenario cuando el Conjunto Piazzolla, bajo la batuta del Maestro Iván Enrique Rodríguez interpretó un magistral arreglo del tango Adios Nonino del joven en honor a la memoria de Ricardo. La interpretación fue exacta, precisa, llena de intensidad y pasión que reflejaban las horas de esfuerzo y sacrificio que los jóvenes músicos que forman parte de la agrupación invirtieron para logarlo.”

“Only two lights shined on the stage when the Piazzolla Ensemble, under the baton of Maestro Iván Enrique Rodríguez, performed a masterful arrangement of Piazzolla’s tango Adios Nonino, done by Rodríguez in memory of Ricardo. The interpretation was exact, precise, full of intensity and passion which reflected the hours of effort and sacrifice that the young musicians members of the ensemble invested to achieve it.
— Ernesto Morales, critic, reviewing a Ricardo Morales Saez Scholarship Concert
Bravo Iván Enroque Rodríguez por tu trabajo esta noche. Tienes el carisma escénico y el poder de inspirar a los músicos. Eso es lo más importante... Espero poderte escuchar algún día dirigir la Segunda Sinfonía de Gustav Mahler... No me puedo morir sin verte dirigirla.”

”Bravo Iván Enrique Rodríguez for this night’s work. You have the charisma and power to inspire the musicians. That is the most important thing.... I hope to see you conduct Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony some day...I can’t die without seeing you conduct it.
— Luis Hernández Mergal - Puerto Rico’s National Symphony Critic
Iván Enrique Rodríguez belongs to one of the most talented colleagues I have ever met in my twenty-seven years of experience. He is an honest, enthusiastic, tireless worker who is consistent, and has very good humor and is highly responsible.
— Alfonso Fuentes, professor of music composition, orchestration and founder of the Puerto Rican Congress of Musical Creation