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The Ear Concert • Epístola No.1

  • The DiMenna Center for Classical Music 450 W 37th St New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

The Ear Competition Concert • Performance of Rodríguez’ Epístola No.1

From a pool of 650 compositions submissions, The Ear selected 10 composers to be performed in their competition concert. Selected among them, Rodríguez’ Epístola No.1 will be performed at the renowned The DiMenna Center for Classical Music. The concert will also be streamed live and will be divided in 2 rounds. 

In the First Round, the audience will vote on whether they want to hear the piece again. Pieces that persuade 50% of the audience are dubbed ‘contenders’ and go on to the Second Round. In the Second Round, the audience hears the contenders again and chooses a winner.

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Rodríguez’ Epístolas (Epistles) are a series of short piano pieces in the form of letters either establishing or answering an initial correspondence with a specific feeling or emotion. The Epístolas have been a long term project still in composition and although each of them are stand-alone pieces, they are connected to each other in different ways.



Take a listen to Epístolas Nos. 1, 3 & 5 here, performed by Puerto Rican pianist Rolando Antonio Alejandro.


More About The Ear

OUR MISSION is to build a vibrant, messy scene around new classical music people want to hear again and again.
Classical – meaning, the mainstream art of fine composition – is coming back with a vengeance. All it will take is for a wave of composers – after an 80-year vacation – to resume writing music that society wants to hear again and again. Enough waiting. We’re trying to provoke it. At every concert, we play ten short pieces. When each piece finishes, you – our listener – have one simple question to answer: DO I WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN?